Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mixin' it UP!

So one day I was browsing around the internet and I came across this AMAZING blog, called 'Round the Coop. This very nice lady named Deborah had created Color Recipes for Chalk Paint. It was AWESOME! I am a girl who loves change and even though I love the color selection on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint line I also loved the idea that a new chapter of my furniture painting life was about to open! With Deborah's BRILLIANT recipes I could do amazing things! 

I started testing her recipes right away!

My first batch of color mixin' was DEEP PURPLE and BUTTER. I loved the results! (I forgot to take pictures) I was so inspired I started mixing up everything!

Antibes and Coco

Antibes and Coco small table

Emperor's Silk and Antoinette  

Emperor's Silk and Antoinette are the pink accents

I was searching for the perfect Grass Green recipe for a hutch in my home that has been on my to do list for years (still is..LOL) I saw on the Color Recipe page that you could contact Deborah and request for her to create a recipe for you. I was soooooooo excited!
I sent her message one evening telling her about this GRASS GREEN I was looking for, and then BAM! The next morning I had a picture of the perfect green and a recipe in my emails. She was lightening fast at responding to my request!!! 
Recipe is up on Color Recipe page!
Deborah and I chatted back and forth via email......She is soooo NICE! and she is Cali girl just like me! She is on the Southern end and I am on the North end! 
My inspiration continues. I am constantly mixin up new color concoctions in my shabby shop. Here is some more pictures of what I have done....
Greek Blue and Old White
Provence and Antibes
Provence, Duck Egg, and Aubusson
Thanks for Inspiring me Deborah from 

I hope all of you reading this blog get out there and mix something really cool up! 
The paint even likes being mixed!