Farm Tables

All farm tables are designed and crafted by Mike Zimmerman. Each Table is unique and custom built just for the client. All consultations are free,  Mike will listen to your ideas and inspirations for your custom built farm table and construct table to your specifications.  Mike is a very skilled woodworker and his creativity has no limits!

Mike is also available to build tables for commercial display as well as other unique Farm style furnishings for your home. Email for information or to schedule your free consultation with Mike.


  1. Thanks Mike,I just look this you provide good service to customer,good designed tables are attractive to clent .

    Best wishes from Canada!
    Owner of farm table company.

  2. What is the wait time on an 8'x4' table and cost? Is there any kind of warranty? What type of deposit do you require and is it refundable or non-refundable? Can you give me the prices on the above work. Thanks!

  3. Hello Anonymous!

    Each Farm Table is built uniquely for client, pricing varies depending on size, design, type of wood, number of benches and so on. The best bet for a price quote would be a consultation. I can set that up for you if you are interested. Please email us at

  4. Farm Tables and harvest tables are the two traditional style tables. These tables are basically made to satisfy the clients who desire to add flavor and style. These farm tables are now one of the most selling tables.