About Shabulous

Kelly Lowery

As a former stay at home mom I was always trying out every new craft or DIY project I saw. Not to mention I had an extreme decorating passion. One day I bought an old washstand piece at a yard sale, it had seen better days for sure but the price was right. I had no clue what I was doing at this point but I had decided to try painting furniture. It was really fun! Before I knew it I was snatching up furniture bargains and redoing them for my home and soon my mothers home and then not to long after that my friends homes. After a lot of encouragement from family and friends I decided to bring some creations to an Antique show, I did really well selling the pieces and received many compliments about my work. 

My kids were so proud of me and even tried doing some furniture redos on their own. My youngest, who was 8 at the time really wanted to help me name my little furniture biz. For weeks he would make some interesting suggestions to me about business names. One night a couple hours after I had tucked him in he called me into his room and said Mama I thought of a name for your business, Shabulous. He said it was "shabby" and "fabulous" put together. I LOVED it! The next day (August of 2009) we made a little Facebook page and started getting "likes" right away.

After many ups and downs along the way he we are today 3 years later still working on our little business. It has now grown from a side hobby to a full time business that supports our family. We are still putting up pics on Facebook weekly and have inventory in several stores in our area. We are also now doing refinishing for those that do not want to venture into the world of painting their own furniture. I am very pleased with the success of Shabulous! It is my passion and all my dreams coming true; owning my own business, being an artist, and most importantly being mother who works from home is what works best for us.

Not to mention there is this amazing man in my life. Mike supports me and encourages me every step of the way. He helps out with furniture repairs and repurposing projects. He also is the builder and creator of our Farm Tables. Together we have 6 children and there is never a dull moment here in the home. 

I am still dreaming about how I will grow and continue to learn in this amazing journey of being a artist and owning my own business. Please read this blog and feel inspired to live out your passion and create a Shabulous lifestyle of your own!

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