Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun with Maison de Stencils!

I have played around with stencils quite a bit, and I love them! Mostly I have just used the stencils from local craft stores, but I wanted to branch out and try some of those fancy stencils that are available online. A friend suggested I check out Maison de Stencils. I fell in love with their stencils! They have a great selection of gorgeous stencils! I contacted Laura, owner of Maison De Stencils about doing a special blog post all about their amazing product and she was happy to provide a stencil of my choice! I also purchased a coordinating stencil, because I knew I was going to put them on this adorable little desk and chair!
 I got this desk from Lincoln Boulevard Home Consignments Randi Lorenzo, the owner always has the best finds! I immediately knew there had to be a stencil on the back of that chair! I had the vision right away of a Paris inspired look for this little cutie! I gathered my supplies together and got to work!!!
Stencils from Maison de Stencil, Chalk Paint, and some Seersucker!
I scored on some seersucker at a craft store $2.22 a yard!!! Woot Woot! I chose Graphite Chalk Paint for the desk and chair and of course Paris Gray was the obvious choice for those AMAZING stencils from Maison de Stencils.
You can overlap your stencil to ensure that your design matches up perfectly. Keep a tape measure or ruler handy to continue to check measurements so your border is aligned correctly across your project.
I watched a You Tube video that Maison de Stencils posted on their BLOG it shared tips and tricks on how to use their stencils. Even though I have already done quite a bit of stenciling I picked up some great tips from the video. I will post a link to the video at the bottom of this post. I also loved an idea that Laura shared on her video which was to tape off an area of stencil if you want to feature only a portion of the stencil on your project. FANTASTIC IDEA!!!

I decided to use Laura's clever little tip on the small back panel of the desk. I used only 3 Fleur de Lis patterns in the very center of the panel. The tape was placed just after design to stop the stencil brush from applying paint on unwanted portion of stencil. Then it was time to try out the stencil that Laura from Maison de Stencils sent to me....EEK I was so excited! I love this stencil!

You can see my center mark in pencil if you look closely. It is very important to measure both the area you are applying stencil to, as well as the stencil to find the very center of both and align them just right. If you skip this step you could end up with a crooked stencil which isn't the best look! ( I know from experience..LOL)

Here it all complete! I think this chair was made for this stencil! The SEERSUCKER fabric looks great too!  

And here is how the desk turned out.....

I am PLEASED AS PUNCH about the transformation of this desk and chair !
Here they are together a perfect Paris inspired desk. The character of this piece combined with the lovely stencils from Maison de Stencils made this an exceptionally divine piece. I think the lucky person who buys this will be proud to display it in their home!!!!! I want to thank Laura of Maison de Stencils and Randi of Lincoln Boulevard Home Consignments for their part in this impressive makeover. I couldn't have done without you ladies!!!!

NOW, I am loading this baby up and taking it back over to Randi at Lincoln Boulevard Home Consignments and I am sure it wont be long til someone snatches it up and brings it home. 

Check out Maison De Stencils:

YOUTUBE Stencil Tips


  1. This is gorg!!! I will have to check their stencils out!

  2. Much much prettier in person! Great job and so creative!

  3. Hey Kelly,

    They look amazing! You do great work! Thanks so much for the linkback!

  4. You are welcome Laura and Lisa!!! Thanks