Monday, October 29, 2012

Chippy Wonderfulness!

I know most DIY folks are really excited about Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, I am too! My first project with the Milk Paint turned out great I followed Marion's tutorials and got to work. This was my project....

I wanted to paint the dresser above in the Milk Paint but I was worried that it might not get the CHIPPY look I was after because the the finish on the dresser was very flat. I asked some friends of mine, what their experiences were with the paint. I was told that the shinier the surface the more CHIPPY effect I would get.  I was also told I could use vaseline under the paint in the spots I was trying to achieve CHIPPINESS. I decided to do an experiment to see what Pre-Finished surface gets you that CHIPPY look!

These are the treatments I experimented with:

Raw Wood
Satin Poly
Semi-Gloss Latex Paint
Stain with Gloss Poly
MMS Clear Furniture Wax
Chalk Paint
Metallic Spray Paint

I then painted 1 coat of Milk Paint over the top the experiment.

Here are the results:

I will be doing some more experiments soon on the Vaseline...It gets REAL CHIPPY but I need to decide how I will control that a bit. 

I decided to go use the Clear Furniture Wax on my dresser first, then I used Kitchen Scale MMS Milk Paint  and Linen MMS Milk Paint on top of the wax.....I obviously waxed again to finish off the dresser. 

I think I am in love with all this CHIPPY WONDERFULNESS! 

THANK YOU Miss Mustard Seed for making such a great Milk Paint!!!

To find out more information on MMS Milk Paint check out her website:


  1. Love this! Great colors and perfect amount of chipping.

  2. Thanks for information and pre-tests! Lovely piece.

  3. You are welcome it was a fun project and as always I am more than happy to share! Thanks for reading.