Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Adventures

My life is moving so fast right now I can barely make time to write in my blog! I do have some new adventures I would like to share with y'all.

Adventure #1 ~ Blackbird Vintage Market

My friend Emili Robles and I have teamed up with our creative energy and we are hitting Antique and Vintage Shows this summer. We had GREAT SUCESS at our first show, The Farmer's Wife Vintage Barn Sale. Here are some pictures of our booth.

I am very excited about this partnership! Emili and I have similar taste and sometimes I feel like our brains are connected because we share the same ideas and thoughts. We are different too though and that's great, Emili can sew (I cannot) and I am getting pretty darn good with a measuring tape, saw, and drill. So we will accomplish wonderful things together.

Are you wondering about SHABULOUS?
No worries! Em and I are just teaming up for shows for now. I will still be getting SHABULOUS in my shabby shop all week and doing custom makeovers for clients and of course I have all my stuff over at Fabulous Finds. My room even got a little makeover a couple months ago. 

We put up this giant door shelf....
and made this sign out of old pizza pans....

Anyway now I need to tell you about

Adventure #2

I am now proud to be a dealer for Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company!!!!! This was a long time in the coming! With the amount of paint I purchase in a month it only made sense for me to become invested as a dealer, not only that I want to share this passion I have with others. I get quite a few messages and emails asking if I will teach people to paint, I really wanted to be able to stand by a product I love and teach others how have fun with it too. I have toyed around with many different Milk and Chalk style paints and even inquired with a few companies about becoming a dealer. There were quite a few ups and downs during the process and just when I was ready to give up on my mission, I noticed that Dumpster Diva was posting pictures of lovely furniture painted in Old Fashioned Milk Paint. I sent her a message asking her about the paint and she said she LOVED it! I quickly ordered some product to test and I also LOVED it! Another thing I love is that the company has been in business since 1974, all of their products are NO VOC, Chemical Free, and their recipe is authentic to the old age milk paint recipe used in colonial times and even further back than that. There is also a gorgeous historic color palette, and another great bonus is the folks over at OFMP are the nicest people. 

Here are a couple pieces I have done with the Milk Paint....

So now that you are all caught up with what I am doing, I am going to get back to work! I have 2 shows coming up! 


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