Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Old Fashioned Milk Paint Workshop

So I hosted my very first Milk Painting workshop and it turned out better than expected!!!

First I had to find a location for my class. Stacy, the owner over at Fabulous Finds (where I have the Shabulous room) rented me a little office space that wasn't being used. It needed a little cleaning and some cuteness! 

My son Will helped me clean 

There was a giant white wall in there I wasn't quite sure how I was going to fill up that space on my teensy budget. But as always I had one of those LIGHTBULB moments.

What if I just bought some dresser backing for $10.95 and made it a HUGE chalkboard???

It turned out so DARN cute! 

here is a look at some other things in the space

The ladies came and we had a FANTASTIC time.

I gave my "History of Milk Paint" lesson.

Then we mixed that paint up and had at it with the projects.

Kara painted a rocking chair for her daughter.

Barbra and Jenny transformed their projects!

Ann Marie's chair, cant wait to see it after new upholstery!
Afterwards everyone talked about their next "Old Fashioned Milk Paint" projects. Now they know what I know, Milk Paint is AWESOME.

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