Monday, April 14, 2014

Industrial Chair Makeover

So I bought this chair at a Barn sale for $5..... Actually let me rephrase that, I had a lady retrieve this chair from her dumpster while I was shopping at a barn sale. Lol! Am I the only one that can see the potential? 
It needed a washing. I took it apart and scrubbed it and hosed it off in my front yard. The next step was to preserve that fabulous rusty patina, so I just painted polyurethane right on the metal frame. 

It darkened the rust but it actually turned out better than expected! Then I had to remove the nasty ol' upholstery that I am guessing was from 1930s? So that's about 84 years of dust.... Eewwww! I had some great fabric I found in the remnant section at Joann's fabric store for 50% off, Ya! So I got my staple gun and went to work. 

When it was time to add the trim I wasn't thrilled with my selection on hand. But I noticed that by flipping over this trim it had just the look I was going for on the back side. Less refined, and totally backwards works for me! 

I totally love the way it turned out, especially when you consider where we started. It didn't last long in my space over at the shop. It was only on the floor for a few days before it was snatched up by an interior designer. I hope I find another one of these someday.

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