Saturday, April 19, 2014

Random Junk turned into Vanity

So as many of you junk enthusiasts know it is hard to walk away from those "random pieces" of furniture that are either being thrown out or sold super cheap at a yard sale. I have all kinds of "pieces" stashed away in the garage, Mike says "what are you going to do with this?" And I shrug my shoulders and say " I don't know." But this week I made a vanity to redeem myself from hoarder to brilliant!
Here are my "Random Pieces" 

So what I did was removed "free dresser top" and attached to "topless sewing table" and then had a mirror installed into old mirror piece and then I gave it a fabulous paint job! - Oh I mean Shabulous paint job! Also I painted a cute chair to match. 
Here she is

Cute huh? 

Totally original and one of a kind piece all it took was some vision and paint. 

What kinda stuff have you built with random junk?

I would love to see pics!

- Kelly

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