Monday, August 1, 2016

A LOoOoOonG overdue post!

So it has been a really longtime since my last post. So much has changed over the past couple years and while my life has shifted in so many ways to something new I still have this passion for home decor and DIY projects!

I struggled for a while trying to make this business successful and support my family at the same time. The truth is this business is tough! While I have many loyal customers that refer me and hire me to give new life to their furniture it just wasn't enough to keep me afloat. I worked day after day in my dusty garage and I MADE BEAUTIFUL things! My wardrobe consisted of paint covered t shirts and leggings and paint splattered Toms in many colors....LOL hair up in a ponytail and rarely makeup! I loved this little business, but life changed! One day we woke up to a world without my children's father, this started a different journey for us. Although my ex-husband and I had been divorced for several years my babies needed me.  My teenage babies that is.... we set out to a new home separate from Mike and his was scary moving into a home without the man I loved. My kids needed me and this was the best thing for them..a space to grieve and be alone with mom. I am so blessed to have this guy that continually supports me and there was a huge sigh of relief that came when he rented a little apartment on the same street as me. For 2 years we lived in separate homes as neighbors and partners. I finished Real Estate school and started training at our local realty office. I discovered I am a great realtor! The satisfaction of helping people find their home and begin new chapters in the new home and also my curiosity of homes and home decor make this business a WIN!

The time came when we where a little better, truth be told you are never the same when there is loss. You learn to live without a loved one but there is still that empty spot in your soul. Mike had 2 children start their own life adventures and my oldest began her journey in the United States Air Force. Mike and I and the three youngest boys, took a leap of faith that we could pick back up where we left off, and purchase a fixer upper! I will be posting some before and after photos soon!

From here moving forward I get to enjoy this little venture as a hobby it doesn't have to pay for bills and groceries anymore. I now get to get dolled up everyday and tour homes and meet the most amazing people and hear their stories! So what I am trying to say is.... expect more from me. A mix of real estate, as well as DIY and tips for decorating your home creatively and without breaking the bank!

I will see you around.


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