Monday, April 21, 2014

Vintage Chic Upholstery Project

Today I tackled an upholstery project. This is my 4th and largest try at reupholstering. I didn't take any classes I just jumped right in and figured it out. The biggest tip I can give is to keep the old upholstery pieces as patterns for your new pieces and pay attention as you disassemble, so you will know how it was put together when you reupholster it.

Here is my $5 yard sale chair:
As I removed the old fabric I found that the foam padding had dissolved to a fine powder. Yuck! I needed a mask for this one.
After removing the fabric, she got a paint job. I used Country Gray from Chalk Paint (TM) and applied the dark wax. I sifted through my piles of random fabric that I have bought at various estate sales or from JoAnns remnant shelf. At first I chose a canvas material for the front section but later changed my mind because it was to stiff and wasn't cooperating with me. I found a heavy cotton fabric from an estate sale purchase it was much easier to work with. I reused the original buttons I loved the colors of the old fabric.
I did the seat portion next using a really nice upholstery I picked up at JoAnns Fabrics. The last section I tackled was the back of the chair, I knew from the beginning I wanted to use this coffee sack I bought at the local swap meet.
As I was working on the burlap sack I realized that the nail detail was amazing so I decided not to cover it up! Sometimes flying by the seat of yer pants works out! ;)
Lastly I need to add some trim to the front area of the chair. I had this amazing jute trim I bought at The Gypsy Chic Vintage Market and I was waiting for the perfect project to come along to use it. Wow! It is gorgeous!
After all my hardwork I thought a styled photo shoot in the street would be the most obvious thing I should do, since I was thrilled with my chair! (My neighbors surely think I am nuts!) 

Yup I am in love with my own work! 


Okay quick update....
I had to make a cute pillow for chair
Okay now we are complete!!

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